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You will have purchased a Shade Sail from our pre-designed range or a bespoke product.

Correctly tensioning your Shade Sail is the key to its longevity, so when choosing hardware it is important take the allowances and limitations of each fitting into consideration.

See fixing information for further details


If your Shade Sail is being supported by posts they should to be installed with a secure footing, making sure that 1/3 of the post secured in the ground; in firm ground lay 100mm of coarse gravel underneath the base of the post, and in softer ground lay 100mm of concrete. If you are digging through landfill or raised beds, these depths should not be included in the footing.

When installing your posts depending on their size they will need to be secured either vertically, or they can be installed leaning away from the centre of the Shade Sail.

Once the post is ready to be secured, fill the hole in with pre-mixed concrete ensuring it is packed tightly. Leave this to set for at least 48 hours before removing any bracing and fitting the anchorage points.

If using wooden posts, they should be at least 150mm in diameter. Metal posts should be a minimum of  120mm diameter with a 6mm wall thickness.

See ‘posts and poles’ page for further details


See fixing information for further details

1. Anchorages (Wall and Post Fixings)

If your anchorage point is to a building or brick structure, we advise that you seek professional advice regarding the anchorages – most walls are not designed to be pulled upon. During poor weather and strong winds the loads created by your Shade Sail can be enormous, and should not be underestimated.

For anchorage points into brick structures a resin eyebolt or eye plates are generally suitable. If you are fixing to wooden areas of a building, eye plates or M8 eyebolts are suitable but use all with care and ensure that the structure is secure.

2. Fixings

Using your chosen fixing accessories, you can begin to fit your Shade Sails. Instruction on how to install our adjustable fixings can be found here:

(Downloadable PDF guides can be also found at the top of this  page)

Once all the mounting points have been installed you can install the sail. In most cases this will be an M8 turnbuckle between the corner ring of your shade and the fixing eye.

  1. Wind the turnbuckle open and apply lanolin or anti seize compound to the thread.
  2. Attach the turnbuckle to the shade and offer up to each post eye in turn.
  3. Work around the sail tensioning a little at a time in turn to ensure even tension all round.
  4. Stop tensioning when the shade is rigid and flat with no creases, then tighten the locking nuts up to the barrel of the turnbuckle to prevent from spinning loose.
  5. Check and re-tension after settling in, and check and re-tension periodically.