Download bespoke measurement forms

Before purchasing your Shade Sail there are some basic measurements that need to be taken of your site. The measurements required will vary, depending on whether you are choosing to purchase a bespoke Shade Sail or one of our pre-designed Shades.

Standard Shades

Click here for detailed dimensions of Standard Shades

The standard shades are pre designed on file ready to cut in house on our robotic cutting table and are not stock items. They are all custom made to order to your fabric and colour specification.

Our standard shade designs are predominantly 2D sails (designed on one plane). Two dimensional shades can be installed either flat or at a sloping angle, or in the case of 4 sides can also be set with a small twist, eg. two opposing fixing points at slightly different heights, for a 3 dimensional appearance. Maximum height differential for this effect should not exceed 200 – 250mm max. More than this will distort the fabric encouraging unsightly creases. This method is only recommended for use with the water permeable fabrics.

We have a range of standard 3D hyperbolic shade designs (Three dimensional with staggered fixing heights). The hyperbolic shades are designed on 3D software with curved seams to give the contemporary saddle or skate wing shape with opposing diagonal height differences of 1m – 1.5m. Please contact us for Hyperbolic sizes outside of this range for a bespoke design.

Standard Shade Sails can be installed in many outdoor environments sometimes using pre-existing structures, posts, or a combination.

Once you have decided on the site location it’s time to work out the best sized standard shade to fit your space.

The type of fixings you are using will have an effect on the size of the sail, see fixing page for dimensions of each fitting / kit. Generally we recommend using an allowance of 240mm bisecting each corner as this covers most of the fixings we supply. If you are considering using wire strops or our larger M10 turnbuckles for example these require more link allowance, so pay special attention at the measuring stage to ensure a good fit further down the line.

* Our recommended 240mm allowance assumes use of the M8 Turnbuckle and Eyebolt combination and is the dimension shown in the diagrams above and below.

Whether you are installing post / poles prior to the arrival of your Shade Sail or awaiting arrival we recommend that you clearly label which corner of your Shale Sail fits into each position.

If you have got pre-existing anchorage points that are already in place, you can measure to see if there is a Standard Shade suitable to your fixings.
(Work in a clockwise direction from point A)

Bespoke Shades

If you cannot find a standard size that is suitable for your pre-existing fixings or site, then we offer a Bespoke service, designing and manufacturing a one-off Shade for your space.

For us to manufacture a Shade for your space, please use a measurement form to provide dimensions of your site. We highly recommend that your anchorage points / posts are installed prior to filling out the forms for increased accuracy, though approximate dimensions are suitable for a quote.

Some other rules of thumb to follow to increase accuracy are:

  1. Work in a clockwise direction
  2. Use a non-stretch tape to take dimensions.
  3. Mark fixing points at time of measurement to refer to when installing (A-D).
  4. Double check your measurements

Bespoke shade sail measurement 2D sail
Bespoke shade sail measurements Hyper