Statement of Warranty Policy

Kemp Sails Shade Solutions are extremely proud of our good reputation and the high level of attention to detail that is put into every item that we make and we take pride in the products that we supply. To this end, we will always try to ensure that our products are fulfilling our customers expectation of performance, where this is in line with the original brief of usage and our recommendation of the product’s fabric and construction.

We do therefore guarantee our products and services for up to 24 months from the date of delivery and correct any problems or mistakes that we agree or acknowledge as being directly attributed to manufacturing defects or omissions. Kemp Sails will be the sole authority in determining what constitutes a defect or omission, and to this end may well request photographic evidence of damage before making a judgement or recommendation as to whether the item is returned to us.

Our Warranty is strictly operated on a ‘back to base’ basis and sails/products that are subject to a warranty investigation must be returned to a Kemp Sails base (i.e. a Kemp Sails loft or Kemp Sails Dealer) for inspection or repair. Kemp Sails will not pay transportation costs, or be liable for any such costs incurred in returning sails from remote locations for repair or re-work.

Kemp Sails cannot and will not be held responsible for repairing items that have been damaged through either misuse or mistreatment whether this treatment was intentional or otherwise.

Kemp Sails want you to enjoy your products for many years and we build all our products with quality and durability as prime design requirements, so if you have a question as to the design concept, the designed usage or purpose, of any item them we would ask you to inquire accordingly with Kemp Sails.

In the first instance, please send pictorial/photographic details of any item or subject area in question or concern, and include details of any prevailing conditions when the problem occurred.