To maximize the performance of your Shade Sail, it is important to maintain it well. Here are some pointers on how to properly care for your shade sail:

  1. Every couple of weeks check the fixings are tensioned correctly to avoid sagging and damage.
  2. Remove your shade sail during the winter period, unless it has been specifically designed as a bespoke, year-round installation. We recommend seeking the assistance of another when removing your Shade Sails to prevent damage.
  3. Store your Shade Sail, clean and dry inside a bag in a cool, dry place. Bags are available to purchase in the Online Store.
  4. Avoid exposing your shade sail to petrol, oils, and other petroleum fractions.
  5. When reinstalling your shade sail, make sure it is properly tensioned

See our Installation page and documentation.


Dirt pollution, bird droppings and foliage will accumulate over time, so give your Shade Sail a thorough cleaning at least once a year using a solution of mild detergent and warm water.

  1.  Apply the solution with a sponge or a soft brush.
  2. Let the solution stand on the fabric for 10 minutes and
  3. Rinse thoroughly with low pressure water. If required scrub gently with a soft brush.


Kemp Sails offer a winter service which includes  a laundry service plus any required restitching, general tears, panel repairs etc.

Contact us to book your shade in.


WARNING: Our Shade Sails are not designed to withstand extreme weather conditions which could potentially cause untold damage your fixings or the support (post or wall for example). We recommend you remove your Shade Sail temporarily whenever adverse weather conditions are forecast.

WARNING: Keep away from fire/ open flames; note that  this includes FR fabrics too The fabrics can ignite/ or smoulder if hot embers land, so we advise that they are placed well away from barbeques, bonfires fire pits and the like.

DO NOT use a stiff brush, high pressure water or the washing machine to clean your Shade Sail. These will damage individual fibres of the fabric and dramatically shorten usable lifespan.

DO NOT use harsh chemicals, containing acids or alkalis, agricultural chemicals or pesticides, or substances that contain bleach, sulphur, metal salts, metal oxides. These chemicals can react unfavourably and may destroy your shade sail’s UV stabilizers.