Q: I can’t find the right size/shape I need?
We offer a bespoke design service. We can help with a design to suit your requirements. Please contact us to speak to one of the team. This service is available for both trade and residential projects. Alternatively, a standard Shade Sail may be suitable with extra linkages utilizing fixings such as: Wire Strops, Fixing Kits or Chain link.

Q: Why should I choose a Kemp Shade Sail?
All of our Shade Sails are manufactured with some of the highest quality materials and constructed to the same high standards as our yacht sails. Our standard Shade Sails have webbing reinforced perimeters concealed within a binding. Webbings run around the perimeter through layered corner patches and stainless steel rings which are inset in each corner.

Q: How soon can I get a Kemp Shade Sail?
From the point of order and receipt of all your details we aim to produce a standard Shade Sail within 3 – 4 weeks and a bespoke shade in 4 weeks. Though this is our aim the turnaround time varies depending on time of the year, so please ask for current lead times.

Q: What extras do I get with my Shade Sail?
Every Shade Sail comes neatly packaged with a complete set of reinforcing stainless steel eyes in each corner. You will receive a care guide and an installation guide and telephone advice should you need it. Fixings are sold separately.

Q: Which fabric should I choose for my Shade Sail?
A guide to the fabrics can be found on the fabrics page of this site. Your choice will be determined by intended use, whether that will be purely for shade, light shower protection or waterproof. The size of the shade and location should be considered. For example, more exposed sites open to the elements would be better suited to accommodate smaller shades, preferably mesh to allow wind to pass through.

Q: How much allowance should I leave for fixings?
The recommended fixing allowance would usually be 240mm to allow for an M8 Eyebolt and an M8 fork to fork adjustable turnbuckle. More Details of measuring for your Shade sail can be found under the information tab or in the downloadable measurement forms.

Q: Can I have a permanent shade structure?
When a storm hits it is capable of removing a tiled roof, we strongly advise against leaving your shade sail up all year round or take it down when extreme weather is forecast.

Q: How can I cover a large area?
In our experience shapes of more than 25 square metres are difficult to hang and are more prone being damaged by the wind. If your area is larger we recommend multiple Shade Sails, splitting your space into a series of smaller shades, therefore less stress on each fixing.

Q: How do I attach the corners?
We regularly recommend using a threaded turnbuckle on each corner, as they can be adjusted easily and are able to be attached to most anchorage points. When needed it is possible to fix one corner or your Shade Sail closer to an anchorage point by using just a shackle, however this is not recommended on more than one corner of your Shade Sail, as this will affect the ability to tension all sides of the sail effectively.

Q: Which turnbuckle is recommended?
For small or temporary Shade Sails with sides of around 3m it is possible to use the M6, short M8’s or single ended turnbuckles. For more permanent Shades or over 8 sqm we recommend using the M8/M10 yacht rigging screws that are suitable for larger weights and loads.
Detailed information for each turnbuckle with dimensions can be found in the fixings section.

Q: What if I need my shade to be waterproof?
Pré-contraint 502 PVC, Weathermax 80 and Matt FR PVC have the highest levels of water resistance. Please note that there may be the occasional drip through the sewn seams; however this is usually plugged by the waxed thread which tends to swell and fill the hole once the sail has settled in.
We recommend a taught sail with a 20° slope to allow for water run-off. This equates to 1m fall every 3 metres of fabric!