High Quality and Dependable

Our shade sails are a blend of contemporary design and high quality manufacturing using a combination of specifically sourced specialist fabrics, coupled with tried and tested techniques to ensure that the end product is built to last.

As an example; the fittings ropes, wire and webbing reinforcements we use on our shades are equally at home on a sailing yacht circumnavigating the world. We aim to bring a little of the ocean into every outside space!

With indoor applications, our FR rated fabrics work extremely well inside conservatories, atriums, offices and restaurants.
Both our standard and bespoke designs have become extremely popular in providing the solution to our clients’ requirements due to their longevity, practicality, sun protection and especially their visual impact. As with all products there is always a cheaper online alternative, but we can assert that we construct our Shade Sails to the very highest specification, using some of the most technologically advanced fabrics available on the market.